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Mood Ring Care Tips

All costume jewelry will not be as durable as fine jewelry but here are some tips for making it last.

Mood Jewelry is usually sterling silver, silver plated, rhodium plated, stainless steel or magnetic hematite.  Color Changing Rings can also be made from genuine Agate.   The actual mood can be sensitive too if the crystals become disturbed or the mood seal is broken.

Mood Rings should be kept dry.  If water gets into the ‘mood’ it can affect the mood changing qualities and turn the mood part black.  Each mood ring can vary in how it reacts to water so the occasional splash of water may not affect one style but could another.  To be on the safe side avoid water.  Sterling Silver is the most water-resistant mood jewelry as Silver can only tarnish but the metal will always be preserved (unlike plated jewelry).

Keep all costume jewelry away from perfumes, lotions and harsh chemicals.  Remove jewelry when swimming.  Try to keep the jewelry as dry as possible. Always use a soft cloth to dry if it does become wet.

Sterling Silver mood products are more water resistant than costume mood products.  The odd splash of water is fine but it is safer to remove Sterling Silver jewelry when bathing in case bath products/shampoo seeps into the mood and affects the color changing qualities. If the silver does become tarnished use a silver polishing cloth to brighten up.  We do not advise soaking in Silver cleaner as this can damage the mood crystals.  Sterling Silver mood products look beautiful and will last due to the durability of real Silver.

Silver plated jewelry is affordable and has an attractive appearance. If you perspire a lot this will especially affect silver plated jewelry as the silver plating can eventually wear away.  Even real silver will tarnish eventually but a silver polishing cloth will remove any light tarnishing. Often children’s mood rings are made from silver plating and also the mood stone rings.  Silver Plated mood rings are an alternative to real silver and still look beautiful.

Jewelry that is rhodium plated will be more durable than silver plated items.  Generally, this is stronger and even more shiny so also looks good.  It has a beautiful luster and is great as a protective plating and is less likely to tarnish.  Avoid soap and water on this type of metal as it can make the jewelry cloudy. Rhodium plating is often used for the band style mood rings and gives them a good quality appearance.

If a person has a naturally high acidity in their skin it can produce a black or green discoloration on their finger.  This can occur even if wearing real gold or silver jewelry and especially during hot humid weather conditions.  This is caused by oxidation and this is why real silver tarnishes eventually.  We ensure there is a good level of plating on our mood jewelry but there are ways to preserve this.  One main contributor to plating wearing away is hand lotion.  It is important to remove jewelry when using hand lotion.  If you are ‘susceptible’ to this discoloration many recommend using clear nail varnish on the inside of the ring.   It is also better to wear stainless steel or rhodium plated jewelry.

Stainless Steel mood rings are a good choice if you perspire a lot. It is a more rugged metal and is strong, it will also prevent the ‘green finger’ you can get with silver-plated jewelry.  Stainless Steel jewelry is similar to silver in appearance but it much less likely to tarnish.  The color can be darker and more metallic so is also an appealing choice for men.  The band style mood rings are often made from Stainless Steel.  A popular style of the mood ring is this one here Stainless Steel Mood Ring

Magnetic Hematite mood rings and magnetic jewelry is a popular alternative method for many ailments ranging from arthritis to helping you sleep.  It is important to keep the magnets strong and the magnetic beads and mood areas dry. To keep magnetic mood jewelry in good condition avoid dropping the jewelry or letting it hit hard surfaces. Hematite is fragile and similar to glass so it is best to take care when handling this type of mood ring.  To avoid corroding the magnets do not use jewelry cleaner or get the jewelry wet.  Again like all mood jewelry avoid harsh chemicals. Hematite is a stone and hematite mood jewelry looks beautiful.  To see a magnetic mood ring just click on the link.

Please note, magnetic products should not be worn if you have an electrical implant such as a pacemaker, have an insulin pump or you are pregnant. If you are in any doubt as to how this may affect a medical condition, please contact your doctor for advice.

Magnetic jewelry shouldn’t be placed on a credit card, domestic appliance or near a digital watch.

Agate color changing mood rings are beautiful.  They have a stunning look and shine.  To keep the shine it is a good idea to wrap some cotton wool around the ring when it is being stored.  Avoid swimming pools and harsh chemicals when wearing Agate mood rings.  Try not to drop the jewelry on hard surfaces.  Agate is harder than steel but it is also more brittle.  Cosmetics and perfume can affect Agate mood rings.  If the mood ring needs to be cleaned just use a soft brush to remove any dust.   

Brass Jewelry is a fantastic alternative to gold as it is more affordable but still has a beautiful look.  It is best to keep brass jewelry dry to prevent tarnishing and keep away from chemicals.  Again avoid wearing brass jewelry when your body temperature is going to rise such as the gym. To clean brass jewelry use a polishing cloth.  Lemon juice, baking powder, and water can be used to clean brass jewelry.  Try to avoid cleaning the mood part of the mood ring or at least clean around the mood.  There are also a variety of brass cleaning products on the market.  Brass Mood Jewelry is gorgeous. 

  • All costume jewelry should be stored when dry. Moisture can affect the metal and seep into the actual mood.
  • Temperature changes can affect the metal and settings of the stone.
  • Oak boxes can release fumes so use any other type of jewelry box.

The good thing is costume jewelry is less expensive than fine jewelry so even after following these tips you can afford to buy a new piece!

Have any tips for caring for mood rings or costume jewelry please feel free to share them.