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Child Mood Rings and Mood Jewelry

Child Mood Rings are a wonderful present.  We are excited to be stocking a bigger selection of child mood rings and mood jewelry.  Mood rings make great presents for children as well as adults.  The fascinating color changing ability of mood rings is always a topic for conversation.

Our most recent stock of child mood rings includes those with a UV ‘glow in the dark effect’.  These are fantastic mood rings as in the day time they work as mood rings and will change color according to ‘mood’.  In the evening there is a UV ‘glow in the dark’ effect so you can see the outline of the mood ring at night time.  Our star, cat and heart mood ring all have a ‘glow in the dark’ UV effect.


child mood ring star uv

We also have some really pretty glitter effect mood rings designed for children.  These come in various shapes such as the popular oval, circular and heart mood ring.  The glitter effect just adds a bit more detail to the mood ring and is something else to look at.

child oval mood ring

child heart mood ring

At Best Mood Rings we only sell mood products that are safe for children and adults.  All are mood products are lead and nickel free and are completely safe for children.

Mood Rings are only suitable for children aged 3 years and above due to small parts.

We provide a free mood chart with each mood ring.  If you ever lose your mood chart we have one online in our article mood color chart meanings.  Also if you would like a mood ring chart or have lost yours please email us for a replacement.  We are happy to send another mood chart with your next order.  

Generally, it is best to keep mood rings dry which may be harder for children to do.  If anything does happen to your mood ring please email us as we like to have happy customers.  Here is some advice on how to look after your mood ring caring for mood rings.

For older children or young adults we stock larger adjustable rings.   Also, some of our adult-sized mood rings start at size 6 which is small size and this may be suitable for younger adults (depending on finger size).  If you ever need to exchange your mood ring for another size please just email us. 

heart mood ring

star mood ring

As well as the above we have a good selection of animal mood rings and mood jewelry that is also suitable for children.  Heart mood necklaces are very popular for children and we also sell butterfly mood necklaces amongst others.   One of our new designs is a pretty cat mood necklace for those who love cats.

heart mood necklace

The cat mood necklace has a marble look so there will always be a variety colors showing on the mood pendant.  This makes for a very pretty necklace.

cat mood necklace

Finally, we sell stylish mood necklaces which are suitable for adults and children.   Children tend to like the hearts or star shapes and we have a selection under our category Mood Bracelets.


For the full selection of Child Mood Rings and Mood Jewelry please look under our category Child Mood Rings.  The mood necklaces will are under our category Mood Necklaces and these are suitable for adults or children depending on style.

We always check each mood ring for good color changing ability as we ensure our mood rings work and that they do change color.

To learn more about how mood rings work check out our blog page.