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Best Mood Rings Review by Sara Li Matos

Sara Li Matos has kindly reviewed some of our products.  She filmed a video of Best Mood Ring’s Sterling Silver Ring too.  Check out her page.  Language is Portuguese but can switch to another language.

The best mood rings (and not only) are from Best Mood Rings

Did you remember for some time that I showed you my humor rings? Basically are those rings that change color … even explained how they work ( here ). They are so twirling and I liked it so much that I show you more of these rings and other things like a bookmark that also changes color.


For it was the Best Mood Rings sent me over a few things. These are already some that should be known because thy have written about them, namely that ring ( here ) and the wire ( here ) butterfly. They were a surprise, which I did not choose, because I love butterflies. But now, I’m not going to repeat myself and I’ll just tell you the news: the silver ring, the marker, and the other bronze ring.

I’ll start with the silver ring is one of the big bets Best mood ring today. It consists of a 925 sterling silver ring and has 3 UK stamp brands in Birmingham. All their silver rings are officially marked, that is, it is even silver and no forgery. For this reason, these rings are more expensive but their quality is assured. They come in a box lined with velvet.

Because it is silver, they are more resistant to water corrosion, but you should not abuse them because the yolk that has the color-changing part can spoil in contact with it, causing bubbles or altering the image and changing Of colors. In the video, where I show the ring better and change the color according to temperature, I used it in the water but I advise to be very careful not to damage the gem, which is glued to the silver holder with special glue, and veiled / sealed However, there may be cracks where the water entrails and spoils.

A very important aspect to consider is that although it is silver, you can not clean it with specific solutions or products to clean silver because the chemicals spoil the area that changes color, the gem. You can use these cloths to clean these materials.


Another ring that is no longer of silver but of px-back is this one in bronze, with small diamonds spiked. I did not make a video change color because they all end up changing more or less, in the same colors. But he is beautiful and I think that a version of these with true crystals and silver would be dazzling!

Finally, the other great novelty that I have not yet told you, is this bookmark that, in addition to changing color, like all products in the store, has a very different format but very practical and effective.


Through the photographs you can see that it has two main modes of use but you can also put it in the book, or simply put it inside the book.


One disadvantage I found in it was the tape, which helps me a lot, but once in a while, as it is very small, want to get out, untie. But apart from that, it’s my favorite marker. Small, discreet, twist and color changes! Love!


Again, thank you to the Best mood ring for always being so helpful and the quality of products has developed. In addition, it is always concerned with the transportation of products, for those who arrive in the best way possible and according to the taste of the buyer. This time, in addition to the surprise mimes, even the sacks where they came brought butterflies!